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Tough in White ::Stock 8:: by spiked-stock Tough in White ::Stock 8:: by spiked-stock
This is the series for ~albonia, whose work you should totally check out ;) The idea through this is...wrestler. xD

Download for full-size!!

(c) spiked-stock

* Link back to me in the description of your piece.

* Do not just add a filter/change a color or something along those lines. One must easily be able to distinguish a difference.

* Do not submit your edits to "Photography". You didn't press the button, so you can't say its yours. :)

* Send me a note or comment with a link to the image in which you used my stock.

* Do not use my images for commercial purposes without my written permission. Just ask! I promise I won't bite :D

* Do not use my stock off Deviant Art without my written permission :) I officially give my permission for these stock images to be used in or for school projects, artwork, or otherwise for educational purposes.

* Do not use my stock in anything offensive, MAINLY animal cruelty.
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lerosenoir Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2008
Pictures throughout the whole series are blurry! These pictures could have been SO useful too. :(
spiked-stock Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2008   Photographer
I'm sorry. My camera sucks, and I don't have money for a new one. Though I'd rather you have said nothing at all than made me feel like crap about all of it >.<
lerosenoir Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
I'm just telling you what the truth is.

I'm a student of Graphic Design, so I know that for stock photography to be useful, it MUST be clear and of a decently large size.

And I didn't say anything rude. I was just telling you that they could have been useful, if they weren't blurry. I didn't know if the camera was at fault, or if it was accidental blurriness. I was just bringing your attention to the matter.
spiked-stock Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008   Photographer
wellp, thank you. But I do this for free, for no other reason than some people do find it useful. -shrug- There happen to be a ton of people who use it purely for anatomical reference, which is freakin' awesome. But they are not manipping photos, so this works for them. If I got money for what I did, ya damned straight it would be perfect and clear and much better lit. Unfortunately, I don't get paid, so I do it for free and for fun. It's not so fun to be told what I've spent so much time on is useless though. >.>
lerosenoir Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
Again, only a couple were blurry. Thus, it was most likely accidental. And only a couple out of the whole lot you've done, does NOT add up to a great amount of time. But seriously, you should know this as you are old enough to know, That is life! You will be criticized. But don't think of what I said as criticism. I meant it to be helpful, so that you could keep in mind what is more useful.

Plus, clear photos do make better anatomical references. Just sayin'. I do have a traditional art background, I would know.
lerosenoir Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
Also, I forgot to mention, some of the photos in this series ARE NOT blurry. And that's why I wanted to bring it to your attention. A lot of them are of a decent quality. So, it was just strange to see good quality and then poor quality, all of the sudden.
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Submitted on
March 31, 2008
Image Size
285 KB


28 (who?)

Camera Data

PENTAX Corporation
PENTAX Optio E30
Shutter Speed
1/10 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 7, 2033, 11:25:53 PM


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